Find Differences Between Pictures Game Source Code

We have the following Android game source code for sale. Its a great game that is addictive and challenging with social features and global leader board so users can play with their friends and gamers around the world.   We are selling licences for the source code to our game in the agreement that you change the following: All images within the game All logos/branding referrencing “Find5” Homescreen image/background image and logo The game is fully integrated with the following SDK’s and systems Swarm global score board. Users can compete against each other and players around the world Flurry analytics Chartboost. Game has built in More games button linked to chartboost. The game also has chartboost¬†interstitial ads upon boot up and game over screen Revmob.…

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New Android Game Find5 Find Differences in Cities App

Android game, “Find5”. Find differences between 2 pictures before the timer runs out. Social game to play with friends and gamers around the world.

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