How to get likes on Facebook for 1c to your fanpage

Getting Facebook likes to your fanpage can be difficult and expensive if you are paying for adverts.  But to be honest if done right you can get likes to your fanpage for as little as 1 cent CPC (Cost Per Click) I’ve put together this step by step plan on how to achieve very cheap targeted likes to your page. These are real users who will be interested in your page and will be highly active. Setting up your Facebook Ads campaign How i achieve very cheap likes is targetting remote countries that big advertisers would’nt advertise to because their classed as countries that aren’t buyers or don’t have much money to spend.  This then lowers the cost of CPC as big advertisers aren’t competing…

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Website Design Service

We offer complete webdesign services whether your a business looking to setup an online eCommerce store so you can sell your products online and take credit card payments to websites to showcase your business

Cloud Hosting

We provide hosting for all your server needs from website hosting, virtual server environments, development test server environments to private cloud solutions.

Angry Goliath Run

Angry Goliath is a 3D Endless runner game in which you have to run past caves and cliff tops collecting crystals, slide, jump and dash avoiding obstacles Several different characters to choose from Many different power ups to collect along the way Features: 6 Different players to choose from (Goliath, Trogg, Troll, Vincent, Demon, Ogre) 4 Different Boosts to purchase using your crystals Excellent 3D Graphics and sound effects Slide, Jump, Dash, Turn and Run to avoid the obstacles Swipe and tilt game controls    Coming to itunes soon  Available on Googleplay

RC Helicopter Challenge 3D

Download this free game that comes with amazing 3D graphics and sounds.  The aim of the game is to complete 10 levels completing a different challenge on each level from landing the helicopter on a helipad, to collecting gold stars, shooting toy soldiers using your on-board missiles and shooting at whiskey bottles watching them explode. Each level has a timer and you must complete the challenge before the timer runs out. Compete against your friends with Game centre leader board Features Include: Over 10 levels (more being added) Choose from over 4 helicopters (more being added) -Light RC Helicopter -Light Apache Attack -Apache Attack Heli -Sea Resuce Helicopter On-board missile rocket launcher on helicopter  

New 3d Gaming websites launches

    We have just launched our own 3D Gaming Website – Play for free the latest 3d games currently out. The website is updated weekly of the best games we find on the internet The games are either made using Unity 3d or flash Whilst we are developing mobile games we will also be uploading our games to our website so you can play on your computer aswell as via your phone/tablets. Check out the site today and bookmark it